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Cintiq 27qhd - Pen Pressure Problem

Posted: Sat 23. Dec 2017, 09:48
by nagasechi
Hey Community,

I have some issues with my new Cintiq 27QHD.
It is about the pen pressure of the wacom. It is not fluently recognizing my pressure that I put on it with my pen.
I have 2 examples to show you. One in Photoshop the other one in Krita. So I guess it is not software related.

The first image is made in Photoshop. I just do some strokes and always at the end you can see that it is abruptly getting small and then disappears.
Also the swirls show you how it just stays "big" while i drew it and always put less pressure on the cintiq. But it then just suddenly recognizes like "oh the pressure is getting weaker" and then amost jumps to a medium big and then to small.. It is not smooth in any way and I really dont like it.

The second picture is from Krita and you can also see that it has some "Staircase" effect when drawing. Also at the end it suddenly jumps to a smaller pressure and therefore suddenly draws smaller.

I played with the pen pressure options of wacom but it didnt change anything exept the pressure i have to put on the screen for drawing bigger. But the "smooth" pressure recognition is still not noticeable.

My question now is if someone has similiar issues like that and maybe knows how to solve it .. or is this a normal thing wiht a cintiq?

greetings and thanks.