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Need opinions on MobileStudio Pro

Cintiq Companion, Cintiq Companion Hybrid, Cintiq Companion 2 and MobileStudio Pro
Posts: 6
Joined: Tue 2. Jan 2018, 22:57

Need opinions on MobileStudio Pro

Postby zippitt » Tue 2. Jan 2018, 23:09

I had a few Wacom devices over the years, the last which I just sold was my gen 1 Cintiq...I loved the device but what made me ditch it in the end was the portability, carrying around the laptop and Cintiq was just as hassle, freaking wires everywhere.

I have been considering the MobileStudio Pro but the prices are certainly quite hefty, the other thing is I would imagine there would be another gen being released in the near future, I would hate to spend the money if something else was around the corner.

I have tried to read reviews comparing the Surface Pro 2017 and the MobileStudio Pro, but with the SP being so new there isn't much out there.

For users using the MobileStudio Pro, do you have regrets, should you have purchased something else, what do you love about it, what would you like to see changed?

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Joined: Mon 23. Jan 2017, 03:26

Re: Need opinions on MobileStudio Pro

Postby maxspr1 » Thu 4. Jan 2018, 00:47

I have the MSP13 i7 512GB version and I love it--no regrets.

What I love:
1) This thing works perfectly as a mobile device for me--definitely a mobile studio.
I chose the 13 over the 16 because my gut instinct was that the MSP13 would be far more portable and therefore far more useful as a mobile device. For a while, after using it casually at home, I wondered if I should have purchased the 16 inch version. I recently took a trip to Australia, though, and looming deadlines forced me to begin work on the plane, where I discovered my gut instinct was absolutely correct: I couldn't have comfortably used the 16 inch model in the tiny amount of personal space I had. The MSP13 was perfect for this trip--I hadn't used it very extensively away from my studio yet, so this was really my chance to put it to the test. I carried it in a rugged older standard messenger bag through three or four airports and cities(it fit in the bag with no problem, along with the power cable and extra pens and nibs) and used it nightly for work in my hotel rooms. I'm a comic book artist and my standard platform lately has been the Cintiq 22HD using a mix of mostly Clip Studio Paint with a little Photoshop. On the MSP, I spent a little while setting up the best Express Keys for both programs and figuring out the best virtual workspace layout in CSP, but after maybe just an hour or two of use, I was completely acclimated to the MSP's size and Express Keys. I thought I'd miss the 22HD's size, but as I said, I acclimated pretty quickly. In the end, working on one 15 hour plane flight and over five or six nights in hotels, I was able to draw four pages of comic art from thumbnail to finished page on my MSP13. That's not too different from what I can do working the same amount of time on my 22HD at home.

2) The screen.
The parallax situation is much better--and very noticeably so--on the MSP than on the 22HD. But I also like the laser-etched texture. I use felt nibs while drawing, and the combination of felt nib on that screen feels really good.

What I don't like or what I would like to see changed:
1) I hate the fat-bodied pens that are packaged with the MSP and most other Cintiq devices. I prefer drawing with pens that are closer in size to a traditional drawing pencil. So, I bought a Wacom Classic Pen to use for digital art--still not standard pencil size, but it feels better to me than the Pro Pen 2 that comes with the MSP. The Pro Pen 2 functions amazingly--I just get hand cramps after a while when I use it. I found I don't really miss the upgrade in pressure sensitivity. The Classic pen is still amazingly pressure-sensitive and the trade-off is worth it for the physical comfort. I really would like to see Wacom make a thinner Pro Pen available. Until then, I'm stocking up on the Classic Pens and nibs. I also hate the silicone squishy part of the pen--it picks up so much lint, fuzz, hair and dust that i end up having to clean it off constantly. Luckily, the Classic Pen doesn't have this.

That's pretty much my only complaint. Yeah, driver updates can be hit and miss (mostly all hits these days), but I'm not bothered by or my MSP doesn't suffer from a lot of the things that i've seen people complaining about here on this forum. My MSP doesn't get especially warm, certainly no warmer than any laptop I've ever owned. It's also not very noisy--again, not any more so than a standard laptop. I use a rugged little $6.99 plastic tablet stand from Ikea that works perfectly for me (it made the Australia trip in my checked luggage and came through without a scratch), so I'm not too bothered by the lack of a stand for the MSP. The photos of the stand prototype make me think that it's not especially sturdy, but I'll reserve my judgment until I actually see/test one. One thing I can't address too confidently right now is the battery life complaints, because both on the plane and in the hotels, I used the MSP while plugged in. I've never tried to use it until the battery's drained, so maybe I should and see what results I get...

I hope the above helps!

Posts: 6
Joined: Tue 2. Jan 2018, 22:57

Re: Need opinions on MobileStudio Pro

Postby zippitt » Thu 4. Jan 2018, 05:23

Awesome, thanks for taking the time to reply, I definitely found it helpful as I need something more mobile and it seems it did the trick for you. I completely agree on the pen thing too, I grew up drawing with pencils and I find it hard to get comfortable with the thicker pens, I can remember my hand burning and cramping working on bigger projects. I think I will brave it and purchase the 16, I have read a ton of reviews on various digitizers over the past couple of days and it seems that Wacom's products still edge out the competition when it comes to art, although that gap is quickly closing. However, after reading on some of the issues I think this will be one of those rare occasions I actually by an extended warranty, it's just seems too much to risk at the price point.

Posts: 6
Joined: Fri 22. Dec 2017, 04:49

Re: Need opinions on MobileStudio Pro

Postby sethjames9000 » Thu 4. Jan 2018, 08:52

I love my MSP 16. Most of the time is connected to my 4k monitor via usb c to hdmi cable. I dont need the link because Im using the built in computer. The middle usb c doesnt work as well for 4k. Make sure to use the top or bottom port. I do Krita and Blender 3D. It works great. The graphics processor actually works great to accelerate the render preview in blender cycles. The screen feels like you are drawing on paper in a good way, The pen is the best I've tried. Blows away apple pencil, surface pen, and lenovo. The custom buttons and pie menus finally allow you to draw in real desktop apps without a keyboard. You can make your own pop up on screen key commands. Theres a learning curve but onece you are there its awesome.

Posts: 11
Joined: Sun 11. Dec 2016, 23:17

Re: Need opinions on MobileStudio Pro

Postby joeparis » Thu 4. Jan 2018, 10:29

Just a quick word on the Classic Pens:
I too hate the fatness of the Pro Pens. I have used two Classic Pens over the last few years and both of them have developed faults after a year or so of heavy use. They have both lost connection with parts of the screen - one with the top and bottom areas and the other with a few small areas in the centre which caused strokes to "skip around" them. (Incidentally, I was convinced this was a fault of my Cintiq 21" and was almost at the point of buying a new Cintiq before I discovered it was simply the pen).
I don't know whether the Classics are a bit more vulnerable to knocks and drops but they do seem to be easily rendered faulty, which is a pity because they are so much more comfortable to hold.

Posts: 6
Joined: Tue 2. Jan 2018, 22:57

Re: Need opinions on MobileStudio Pro

Postby zippitt » Thu 4. Jan 2018, 19:34

I am excited about the dial controls, I love the idea of not needing a keyboard, I was almost there with my Cintiq. As far as the classic pen, I think I will avoid it for now just because the cost for the MSP16, but it's good to know they seem to be more fragile.

I don't suppose anyone knows if there is a new gen or model of the MSPs coming out? I know they are about to release larger Cintiq Pros.

Ug, now I just found out about the HP Zbook X2...hrmm, way better system IMO, Wacom needs to push a new MSP.

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