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Cintiq Companion 2 won't boot at all

Cintiq Companion, Cintiq Companion Hybrid, Cintiq Companion 2 and MobileStudio Pro
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Cintiq Companion 2 won't boot at all

Postby Xeonadow » Tue 16. Jan 2018, 18:31


I have a Wacom Cintiq Companion 2 that was working well until now. However, I tried to install the driver for my printer on it, then rebooted it to finish the installation, and now it won't turn on anymore.

The only thing that happens when I use the Power button is that I hear the fan for a few seconds, and it turn off. No Wacom logo, nothing. The screen does not even seem to light up. I searched everywhere and tried everything I know, but I can't even access the BIOS or boot on a USB key.

One more detail : I don't think my problem is due to the battery, yet when I plug the charger in, the charging led does not light up (battery full ?).

Is there anything I can do ? Or should I send my Cintiq for repairs ?

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Re: Cintiq Companion 2 won't boot at all

Postby wacom1 » Wed 17. Jan 2018, 08:03

That looks like a case for repairs. - When you attach the power supply and the LED is not coming on, that could be a faulty power supply, or a fully discharged battery, if the unit wasn't used for longer time. If at least the Wacom logo shows, you can try to press VolumeUp+Down while switching the unit On and keep it pressed til you see the Wacom Logo and the 'please wait...' text. That should then show the blue troubleshooting screen. - If the LED comes on, but screen remains dark, while the unit seems to be active, you could attach a second screen (if available) - sometimes the internal screen fails, but a external screen comes on and allows at least backing data.

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Re: Cintiq Companion 2 won't boot at all

Postby Xeonadow » Sat 20. Jan 2018, 17:16

I have no spare power supply to test, but the battery seems to have some power left so I don't think this is the issue.
I can't see the wacom logo when I try to boot the cintiq. Everything that happen is : the Led near the power supply plug lights up green, I hear the fans for less than five seconds, and everything stops.
From what I could find on internet, and what the wacom assistance told me, it seems to be a short-circuit, but my guarentee no longer covers me and the reparations fees are estimated between 170€ and 710€, plus the shipping to Germany (I'm in France). That's a bit expensive :/

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