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VR on Wacom Cintiq Companion 2! (if you help me!)

Cintiq Companion, Cintiq Companion Hybrid, Cintiq Companion 2 and MobileStudio Pro
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VR on Wacom Cintiq Companion 2! (if you help me!)

Postby NextWorldVR » Tue 6. Feb 2018, 12:26

Hello, The IRIS 6100 graphics on the CC2 is DX12 compatible, I believe I can make Windows Mixed Reality work on the CC2! BUT I AM HAVING TROUBLE! I need 'Windows Fall Creator Update' to Install and it keeps error'ing out! The problem is my 'recovery partition' got messed up somehow (I only bought my CC2 then upgraded to Win 10, nothing unusual,..). MY QUESTION: i am a p.c. tech type guy, can i just plug ibn a keyboard, do a standard windows install (wiping the complete drive and redoing it fresh with win 10. Will that be ok on this device? HOW DO I THEN GET THE WACOM STUFF BACK? I don't care about Hybrid Mode or anything, just PEN and, BUTTONs, Etc... Could I perhaps put the WACOM Drivers all on a USB Stick first ? I sure appreciate any help, I will do a video if the VR Works and Upload it and UPDATE you guys here! PLEASE HELP, I NEED VR DISTRACTION FROM OUR DISASTROUS EMBARRASSING PRESIDENT!

Thank you.

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Re: VR on Wacom Cintiq Companion 2! (if you help me!)

Postby wacom1 » Tue 6. Feb 2018, 14:02

I installed FCU on several different machines (not CC2) and the Update process isn't always smooth. If you look into the Update history, you may see some previous failed updates - and that can prevent newer updates. Finding the failed update and getting the manual installation .msu file from Microsoft, helped to fix this, then FCU update worked.

When you install fresh Windows, you can download the standard Wacom driver and it should work fine on CC2, though Windows may not automatically detect all component drivers.

(To reset the unit: power down, press VolumeUp+Down while switching on On, release when you see 'please wait'. That shows the blue troubleshooting screen. Go to torubleshooting -> Advanced -> Reset PC -> Delete Files . That should reinstall the original Windows 8 version.)

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