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Creator update on MSP: Weird problems?

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Creator update on MSP: Weird problems?

Postby tomatogoatee » Thu 8. Feb 2018, 19:06

Well, a couple of problems and some annoyances I hope to get help with.

First problem is the pen detection not working correctly in some apps. Primarily Chrome. If I try to move the Chrome window by dragging the title bar or close it using the X in the corner, the pen seems to choke out the system. Using a BT mouse works without issue; the window drags or closes on the first click. But using the pen, I keep getting this weird unresponsiveness. I should mention that other applications do not have this problem. (I can drag windows and close them just fine with the pen.)

Second problem seems to be battery performance. I have the power settings set identically for both A/C and battery in Windows, but whenever I'm using the tablet without the A/C adapter, I will get weird lag or general unresponsiveness in Photoshop. (For example, I'll hit ctrl-z to undo and it'll freeze until I minimize and restore the Photoshop window.) If I have it plugged in, I get none of these lags or freezes.

And the annoyances I'm facing are mostly with the Windows UI that I'm hoping someone has a solution for. Firstly, the new handwriting input bar. How do I get the old one back? The new one only accepts what I write when I hit the check THEN it automatically inserts a space. Kind of a PITA when I'm trying to name files. The second annoyance is with the photos app. Every time I bring the pen down to flip to the next picture, I get the drawing tool. No way to disable it in the program from what I've seen. (The only way I've been able to stop it is by disabling Windows Ink, but that breaks a LOT of other things.)

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