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MSP Main screen Blanks Out with external Monitor FIX

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MSP Main screen Blanks Out with external Monitor FIX

Postby PrielHackim » Fri 16. Feb 2018, 09:05

hey im usinng UNITEK Adapter who sepport 4k60hz and using HDMI 2 Cable (60hz) to Dell Monitor Ultra Sharp u24 and Problam Fixed

as far as I understand_ the Problem is the 60hz tanstmition-

i think that means that it is Not Possible to USE any connection throw VGA/ DVI at all With out experience blank screen.

My conclusion
This shows a lack of compatibility and misleading the consumer about the capabilities of the device -
You need to specify such incompatibilities in the technical specification.
I do not know of any other computer company that has similar problems or with usb C.
Also, I do not feel that we are being seriously treated by technical support

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Re: MSP Main screen Blanks Out with external Monitor FIX

Postby alanyeung » Sun 18. Feb 2018, 19:31

I submit the MSP 16 to HK Wacom Center

" I am Julia, the question about your "DTH-W1620H as a screen transfer to HDMI computer, the screen will flicker, single use is normal", has been confirmed by the engineer,
- Test the product hardware no problem, we are through the USB Type-C test can be directly connected to the external screen, because you use when the adapter is not Wacom original Wacom link, we can not ensure the effect of the adapter;
- We recommend that you receive the product after you connect the DTH-W1620H to your computer and set the extension mode to 2K. Then, the resolution of the extended screen is reduced to 2K, and then the test is normal. If the screen still flickers, please record Video and reply email for submission to engineer, thanks."

Why need the Wacom Link to connect the external screen.
Why set the extension mode to 2K?

MSP was a computer , not I-pad

If Wacom cannot settle this problem.
Please add this issue on the MSP spec.

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