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MSP 16 i7 - Overheating/GPU issues

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Re: MSP 16 i7 - Overheating/GPU issues

Postby xLunaPx » Tue 7. Mar 2017, 02:30

Same issue as well, I can just be drawing ( Using Clip Studio paint ) and it will just randomly reboot.

Tested the DVMT option but no avail, tried a fresh clean install, everything.

This is a replacement unit for my previous msp 16 which had numerous deadpixels and low brightness. If this is a quadro issue Wacom needs to QA this and figure out why, not to mention that due to Optimus programs can barely make use of the full effects of the quadro sadly since the igpu STILL has to process the items making it still tax the CPU insanely none the less.

I'd be great if wacom did a mux switch on the side to swap between them as this would be a beast w/ it.

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Re: MSP 16 i7 - Overheating/GPU issues

Postby Masterchief » Thu 9. Mar 2017, 23:14

I´m still very carefull with my suggestion, but it seems I got the problem with the reboots solved, at least for the
The support suggested setting the power settings under the windows mobile computer settings to "balanced" instead of maximum power
(don´t know what it is called exactly, my windows is german: "Ausbalanciert" and "Höchstleistung").
This is a funny suggestion, because of course it solves the problem, but it must be possible to use the maximum power the device can offer
for that amount of money. And since I have a lag when painting in big Photoshop files on the "balanced" setting, I need to set it to full power.
Specially for stuff like 3dmax and Unreal 4.

But what I did was going into the settings of the Intel onboard chip. Rightclick on desktop/ Intel setting. There under the symbol power I set the energie
setting to "balanced" or "even maximum battery live". Then I went into the Nvidia settings and under the setting which graphics card to use
for 3d Applications I changed it from Auto to forcing the use of the Quadro.
I kept the windows mobile energy settings always on "maximum power".

Since then I had no reboots anymore for the last few evenings. I was running Unreal Engine 4, substance painter, Photoshop and 3dsmax with
no problems. So maybe the problem isn´t with the Quadro but with the Intel chip. Maybe the voltage isn´t enough supporting both graphic cards
on high peaks of power.

Im checking temperatures at all times and still the Intel chip is my biggest worry because it gets up to 88 degrees when
the CPU ist used heavily.
Is there a possibility (through BIOS update f.e.) to turn off the intel chip completely and just use the Quadro?

I would like other users having the reboot or shutdown problems to check it the changes of the Intel Chip energie consumption solves
their problems as well. Would be could to know, if I´m just currenty lucky or not.
Keeping you posted if the crashes return, then I´ll contact support again.

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Re: MSP 16 i7 - Overheating/GPU issues

Postby xLunaPx » Fri 10. Mar 2017, 00:12

Just an update to you on that Wacom officially responded that it was indeed an issue with the Quadro, specifically on early batches that were rolled out , so if you're experiencing the issue send the unit back for a replacement since that's a hardware defect.

I have 2 units and can tell u that one runs flawlessly on max power while the other reboots insanely.


rule of thumb for tablets is always set the igpu to performance vs quality which is balanced mostly. For the unit I have that works I tested it @ maximum and still no reboots. Make sure you replace it before the warranty expires.

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