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credit towards new device

Cintiq Companion, Cintiq Companion Hybrid, Cintiq Companion 2 and MobileStudio Pro
Posts: 59
Joined: Sun 25. Feb 2018, 03:29

credit towards new device

Postby kangum » Sat 10. Mar 2018, 16:36

I have a like new wacom cintiq companion hybrid. its the 32gb bought retail from wacom. Does anyone know if I could trade in my hybrid to wacom to get credit for another device like the new 24.

Posts: 174
Joined: Tue 29. Nov 2016, 09:49

Re: credit towards new device

Postby wacom4 » Thu 22. Mar 2018, 15:14

At least Wacom Europe has no trade in program in the moment.
Please contact your local support ( for a region-specific answer.

Posts: 59
Joined: Sun 25. Feb 2018, 03:29

Re: credit towards new device

Postby kangum » Fri 23. Mar 2018, 19:02

Thanks but the response took too long. I sold it at a huge loss. It was not easy to sell even though it was grade A+ condition. It had a screen protector on since day 1 and had 0 dead or stuck pixels. The wire connection was perfect because I mostly used it in android mode so the cord was never plugged in.I couldnt even get 400 for it in the end and it looked like it just came out of the package. I was so irritated and just wanted to be done with it and move on. It sat unused for so long it was a waste of tech. So I accepted a low ball offer hoping at least someone would actually use it.

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