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MSP 16 automatically booting?

Posted: Sun 18. Mar 2018, 00:48
by tomatogoatee
Three times it's happened where I have my MSP sitting next to me on my desk and it just randomly booted up. The first time, I had just disconnected from using it as a slave on my desktop. I had pulled out the Wacom Link and A/C adapter and shut the tablet down. It was off. I collapsed the stand and set it off to the side. After about 30 seconds, it just booted on its own. I shut it down and made sure it was off before going back to work and it powered back on after about two minutes.

This evening, the tablet has been sitting in the same spot I left it last night, completely untouched. I sat down at my desk and it just powered on! I didn't even touch it! What is going on??

Just as an experiment, I tried pressing all the express key buttons (including the ring center button) to see if that might have caused it. No, pressing anything other than the power switch does nothing while it's off.

Re: MSP 16 automatically booting?

Posted: Mon 19. Mar 2018, 00:46
by tomatogoatee
I don't know if this was the issue or not, but supposedly the "Fast Startup" option in Windows 10 is the culprit. It doesn't actually allow the computer to shut down completely. I turned that option off and haven't seen the tablet randomly boot yet. But it's only been 24 hours...

Re: MSP 16 automatically booting?

Posted: Mon 19. Mar 2018, 02:08
by tomatogoatee
Just a followup, the problem is still persisting. 10:07pm EST, my MSP just turned itself on.

It turned itself back on AGAIN at 10:29pm EST. Roughly 20 minutes later...
(This is getting to be a concern...)

Addendum 2: And AGAIN! 10:34pm EST...

Re: MSP 16 automatically booting?

Posted: Tue 20. Mar 2018, 23:11
by kangum
I wouldnt be surprised if you have a root virus.