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Staedler Noris Pen on Mobilestudio Pro??

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Staedler Noris Pen on Mobilestudio Pro??

Postby PNCHATTERJI » Sun 18. Mar 2018, 20:38

I happened to buy the new Noris Digital Pen from Staedler, along with a Samsung pen tablet. I did not like the Samsung and replaced it with a Wacom Mobilestudio Pro 16. But I held on to the Noris as I thought it would work with the Mobilestudio too, as Noris has been developed in cooperation with Wacom and uses the same EMR technology. I was disappointed to find it does not work with Mobile studio. Is there any setting I can do to make it work? It is a nice pen and I would like to use it once in a while in place of Wacom Pro pen, especially for pencil work. It is anyway too late to send it back.
Thanks for any tips!

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Re: Staedler Noris Pen on Mobilestudio Pro??

Postby wacom4 » Thu 22. Mar 2018, 15:13

You are right. Both devices use Wacom EMR.
But they use different technologies in the pen, communication protocols and frequencies for communication between pen and tablet.
In other words: there are different types of Wacom protocol which are mostly not compatible between each other.

This means that the Noris Pen unfortunately won't work on the MSP.

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