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Reboots shutdowns and after sales

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Reboots shutdowns and after sales

Postby tienbu » Wed 20. Jun 2018, 07:51


I am writing here as I send a major complaint to customer care but I was completely ignored.

My wacom mobile studio pro started doing random reboots and shutdowns. (Bought in September) I've been through 3 different customer care representatives. The first two made me go through a ton of instructions that wasted my time. After calling the third time I managed to get hold to someone good enough and realized the unit has to be fixed.

The unit was sent to repairs in Germany and came back after 10 days. The note saying "No issues found." . After unpacking I installed the Nvidia drivers and set everything to maximum performance, it started doing reboots again. I had to shoot a video to show them proof that this is really happening. Now the unit is ready in a box to be sent back for repairs. I am ridiculously scared that I will spend another 10 days without this unit and they won't fix it.

This little stunt of yours has costs me money Wacom. This tool is expensive around 3K Euro. I expect the service provided is the same level as the price I payed. I had always praised wacom for their work but this time I'm sorry to say I lost all my trust in your products and services. If this issue won't be fixed I will have to take legal action.

Etienne Bugeja

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