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Wacom Color Manager with Mobilestudio Pro (16)

Posted: Tue 14. Aug 2018, 09:26
by JanvBNetherlands
Does anyone use the Wacom Color Manager to color calibrate / profile the Mobilestudio Pro (16)?
Any problems with it?

My new Wacom hardware calibrater itself does work, and the Wacom software, the newest version 1.4 can connect with the Mobilestudio's own display, but I think it cannot read the, with the screen stored, values. The software reports in the measurement part: ' failed to connect, a matching display was found but could not be opened. The solution there stated, do not work here: 1. retry, 2. close Wacom OSD, 3. restart.

I tried a lot: reinstalling the program, restarts, updating both Nvidia drivers from Nvidia's website, even installing older drivers. Makes no difference at all, same message.

Installing the oldest software, version 1.0 does work more or less, the program sees the display and I can calibrate it, but without the DAC = Automatic Display Control, and only with all screen controls unchecked. I don't know how good such a color calibration really is. And with this software on the mobilestudio pro you have to read the screen with a loupe, even if it is on 350-500%.

I found a version 1.3 Wacom software and this gets the screen more or less connected, also not working with the DAC and it just does not calibrate right, gives a totally green or totally purple screen, so something goes very wrong.

I have nothing connected to the mobilestudio, only the Wacom hardware calibrater. Have the latest Windows 10 update and all drivers, BIOS and firmware updated.

I had the screen profiled before with an old calibrater, the Spider2 express and this works, but I understand from their website that is a too old hardware/software for this new screen, so I removed the software and ICC profile and bought the Wacom Color Manager, which should give, acording to Wacom information, the best possible calibration. I need a calibrated display for inspecting the file before printing on the Canon ipf6400. I do digital graphic art and a some photography.

I contacted Wacom with the chat function and the contacting person couldn't solve it and will consult her team and email me. No respons yet.

Nothing to be found on the internet yet about calibrating the Mobilestudio with Wacom Color Manager.

So does anyone have any idea?

Re: Wacom Color Manager with Mobilestudio Pro (16)

Posted: Wed 22. Aug 2018, 09:21
by wacom4
We are working on a version of Color Manager which supports MobileStudio Pro.
This software is to be expected in the October / November 2018 timeframe.

Re: Wacom Color Manager with Mobilestudio Pro (16)

Posted: Wed 22. Aug 2018, 09:25
by JanvBNetherlands
Well that is good news. Thanks for the reply.

Re: Wacom Color Manager with Mobilestudio Pro (16)

Posted: Mon 3. Dec 2018, 14:02
by JanvBNetherlands
Is there any news yet about the updated Wacom Color Management software for the Wacom Mobilestudio Pro?

Re: Wacom Color Manager with Mobilestudio Pro (16)

Posted: Wed 5. Dec 2018, 08:01
by wacom5
I believe we are still running tests. It will be up as soon as it's ready. I will post it in the announcement board when it becomes available.

Re: Wacom Color Manager with Mobilestudio Pro (16)

Posted: Wed 5. Dec 2018, 08:17
by JanvBNetherlands
That is the news I was hoping for. I am still very happy with the Mobilestudio Pro, use it every day for drawing and as my main computer, but really want to try out the updated Color Manager. My prints are OK, but I would like to check if the colors of the screen and print can still be more the same if calibration of the Mobilestudio is more reliable. Thanks very much.