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Looping Blue Screen of Death

Posted: Thu 16. Aug 2018, 16:32
by Akeruyri
I get a Blue Screen with an error
I've just reinstalled windows clean on it and it will boot up go straight into the blue screen, then restart and loop until the battery dies I presume. I've checked other places and they say I can fix it by using a boot drive reinstall of windows, but im not sure if my usb-c hub needs and extra driver the computer doesnt have so I can interface a keyboard and the usb 3.0 boot drive I have.

Has anyone else had this issue?

Looping Blue Screen of Death MSP 16 i5

Posted: Thu 16. Aug 2018, 16:39
by Akeruyri
It may also be that the power switch is stuck in the on position, but the computer will boot, and go straight into the blue screen with system_thread_exception_not_handled as the errror
other place online give solutions involving reinstalling windows and booting in safe mode by pressing f8 during boot, but my problem may be that the way im connecting them to the computer is through a usb-c hub. I will try get my hands on a usb to usb c adapter to directly plug them in but if the problem is deeper than that then I think im screwed. This was a computer I bought that was deemed broken (no warranty I'd probably have to pay wacom and arm and a leg to fix it), but all it was missing was a battery so I purchased the battery and it booted into this loop, so I imagine all the hardware should work, I just need to fix the software end of things.

Re: Looping Blue Screen of Death

Posted: Fri 17. Aug 2018, 09:29
by wacom4
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