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Update Android from Jelly Bean on Cintiq Companion Hybrid

Posted: Thu 13. Sep 2018, 21:14
by LordBlackwood
Hey, I know there is pretty much no chance of a positive answer here but I feel like I need to make a try of it. I'm desperate to get some use out of my Cintiq Companion Hybrid. As those of you with the tablet will know (there are literally DOZENS of us), the tablet was released with Android 4.2 (Jelly Bean) and then never saw another update (barring a small firmware update a little later). Support for the device seems to have evaporated completely.

So as time has gone on Android apps have left the Hybrid in the dust, making it little more than a very expensive paperweight. The thing is, TV Paint have made the android version of their animation software completely free. This is the full, pro, nearly £1000 version of their software practically built with the Hybrid in mind. However, the software only works on Android 5.0.

Wacom, anybody, I'm desperate to get this tablet to Android 5.0. It winds me up to see so much wasted potential just sitting there. I will pay, call it an "extended support package". I know there probably isn't much in it for the company but this product really needs some love.

Thanks for reading.

Re: Update Android from Jelly Bean on Cintiq Companion Hybrid

Posted: Fri 14. Sep 2018, 13:08
by wacom5
Thanks a lot for your feedback. We will pass this along to our product managers to be taken into account.
Unfortunately, we can't promise anything regarding this.