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MSP 16 Running way too hot to do real work

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MSP 16 Running way too hot to do real work

Postby spacemanjupiter » Mon 17. Sep 2018, 02:29

I won't bother with my laundry list of over 20 items I've dealt with while owning this machine the past year and a half, which included things like photoshop not recognizing the quadro for a whole year, disabling the 550 also disables the quadro, having to create intel profiles to get vsync to work on things that use the quadro, horrible video performance, etc...

I haven't even really used this thing for real work. I bought it in anticipation of learning graphic design, computer animation, digital art, etc.. I've always had problems with it running way too hot, but now things just got real. I don't even think I can get any work done with this thing now that I'm finally teaching myself some things. For example, my ambient temp here is usually between 62 and 72 degrees F, about 17 to 22 C. Not only does the house have central air but I also have an A/C unit in the bedroom. I like it cool. Even so, I can simply be hovering the mouse going up and down some menus in Microsoft Word, and this thing will get up around 85c or more. If I continue to hover up and down the menu it will just keep getting hotter. In Affinity Designer I can us the view tool (hand) and grab the document and just move it around the screen. If I do this for a minute temps climb up into the high 80's C. I can be looking at 3D models on Sketchfab website and this thing will hit 90 C, on a website... Doesn't matter if Firefox is using the 550 or quadro, either one will heat up. I can hear the fan kicking up and as everyone knows, it can get pretty loud. So the fan is definitely working. I've tried combinations of various driver versions for both GPU's. I've reinstalled Win10 completely fresh, not just a reset. I mean, what the heck is going to happen when I'm actually doing real work? Such as 3D rendering which could take hours of hitting the cpu/gpu, or heavy photoshop work, 3D modeling, Zbrush, digital painting, etc.. I just don't have confidence this thing will make it through all that for more than a month until it's fried.

If anyone has any advice I'm all for listening. My 2 year warranty is up on Feb 2019 so I'll need to send it back before then if that is what's needed. I've tried using a desk fan right behind the right side where it gets super hot, I use the wacom stand so the bottom vents are never covered, I've tried various modes for the quadro (adaptive, consistent performance, nvidia driver controlled, etc). Is it normal for this thing to run so hot? How hot is safe? As a gamer building pc's the past 20 years I know it's not too wise to let hardware exceed 90c or so. But if this thing is hitting 90 just doing super mundane things I am not real confident it's going to last while doing real work.

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Re: MSP 16 Running way too hot to do real work

Postby wacom5 » Mon 17. Sep 2018, 14:13

Either the sensor is reading the wrong temperature or there is some issue with the processor. Either way, I would check with the support team.
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