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msp (cintiq mode) - touch on wrong monitor

Posted: Tue 18. Sep 2018, 17:30
by DorBenDayan
my MSP13'' is working currently as a cintiq connected as a third monitor, duplicating my secondary screen.

display toggle is working properly for the pen. meaning the cursor jumps between the screens when pressed "display toggle" is pressed. however, no matter which monitor the pen reacts to, touch and gestures work only for my main desktop on my primary monitor, even though my msp is set up as a duplicate of my secondary monitor.


Re: msp (cintiq mode) - touch on wrong monitor

Posted: Tue 25. Sep 2018, 06:22
by wacom5
Display Toggle only works for Pen input. Touch input mapping is managed by Windows and will default to the main monitor on the operating system.