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MSP Lag connecting to Macbook Pro

Posted: Tue 16. Oct 2018, 01:06
by mcpatto
Hi there.

I just got the MBS 13" (I5 128gb). For the most part it works well in it's Win10 environment. However, when using desktop (cintiq mode) connected to my macbook pro, it works but I have some noticeable lag. Everything I do in photoshop is quite laggy, like drawing, rotating, zooming etc. Not insane, but enough to compromise my productivity a lot. And this is a real bummer as I prefer to work on mac and the reason I bought the MSP was to have the option of standalone but also to replace my Cintiq 13 connected to my mac. But as it is right now, it's definitely not working well and I'm afraid of selling my Cintiq.

My drivers are up to date and to roll it out completely, I tried my Cintiq 13hd with the same drivers, and it works fine, no lag. I even had both connected at the same time, the MSP lagged, the Cintiq didn't.

That gave me a thought: I'm connecting the MSP with the MBP directly with the charging cable that came with my Nexus 5x , I wonder if the cable lacks capacity to work with the MSP's QHD, thus creating latency? I don't know if this makes sense, because it should either support video or not, and it does.

I connected it to the center port, everything seems to work fine, just the latency / lag, that don't happen with the Cintiq 13HD.

What do you guys think? Might be the cable? If so, can anyone who uses the MSP connected to a MBP recommend me a good cable?

Specs of all the gear involved:

Wacom Mobile Studio 13" i5 128gb
Macbook Pro 13" Touchbar 2016 (4 Thunderbolt 3 ports)
Mac OS Sierra 10.12.6
Wacom Desktop Center 6.3.31-4
Original Nexus 5x USB-C to USB-C Charging Cable - EAD63687002

Re: MSP Lag connecting to Macbook Pro

Posted: Tue 16. Oct 2018, 08:35
by wacom5
The way to describe it, it sounds more like an input lag than video lag. I suppose when you use the MobileStudio Pro as stand alone, there is no lag?
I think the problem might be the adaptor you are using. Please try connecting the MSP directly to your Mac computer if possible or try using the recommended Wacom Link: ACK42719

Re: MSP Lag connecting to Macbook Pro

Posted: Tue 16. Oct 2018, 09:08
by mcpatto
Thanks for the answer, I might have not explained correctly:

I'm not using any adaptor, I'm connecting directly the MSP with the Macbook Pro via USB-C cable (this one ... B0727V16BD).

And you're right, there's no lag when I use it as stand alone. Neither there is lag when using a Cintiq 13HD connected to the same MBP. So it's really just on the MSP via desktop mode.

You mention input lag, so it would make sense that could really be the USB-C cable, right?

If so, any suggestion of a cable that will do it with no input lag? Thanks a lot.

Re: MSP Lag connecting to Macbook Pro

Posted: Tue 16. Oct 2018, 15:22
by wacom5
Thank you for clarifying. To be honest I wouldn't even expect that cable would work at any level. I can't recommend a specific one as we normally use the ones that come included with the Wacom Link but for best performance you will need a USB-C to USB-C cable that will also support Thunderbolt 3.

Re: MSP Lag connecting to Macbook Pro

Posted: Tue 16. Oct 2018, 19:34
by mcpatto
Thanks a lot. Yeah, I was thining about it. Was trying to avoid because they are expensive and I thought that thunderbolt could be overkill for this case, but that's the best way to know. Thanks!