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Crash / Freeze stylus Companion 2 and Photoshop !!

Cintiq Companion, Cintiq Companion Hybrid, Cintiq Companion 2 and MobileStudio Pro
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Crash / Freeze stylus Companion 2 and Photoshop !!

Postby a2carts » Sun 28. Oct 2018, 10:37


I finally decided to look for solutions, because my problem becomes unbearable!

Indeed, I use a companion 2 from Wacom and Photoshop 2016.

Since now 1 year or more, my freeze stylus when I draw, at once, it can be after 10sec. drawing or 3 hours .. There are days when everything works correctly and others, like this morning, or I can not do more than 30 seconds of drawing. (When everything works properly, I do not dare to turn off my tablet, because as it does not restart, I have a priori no prob freeze). I want to clarify that it is the stylus that freeze and not the tablet (for example, the shortcuts on the side of the tablet as the Ring works, the finger touch also too).

When the stylus freeze, it happens that the cursor also disappears. Sometimes it stays, just frozen, and sometimes I have an error message from the WAcom Desktop Center that tells me that the driver has stopped working. Everything is very random, but recently, on 1 hour of drawing, I think draw 5min. and the other 55 min. I spend my time rebooting the tablet. It's unbearable. And I did not find any solution to my problem. I tried to reinstall the drivers, disable this or that thing, write a line of code, and so on. finally all that can be found on the net. Nothing works.

Is it a memory problem ram or other? I also messed up the performance in Photoshop, but nothing changes. I want to clarify that when I start Photoshop, the machine becomes noisy, as if the fan began to ignite. Good to know also: I never had this problem outside of Photoshop. (I did not use any other drawing tool but that is while browsing the net, or other)

In short, if you have any idea of ​​the problem, it would be with great pleasure that I will read Because not being able to do 3 strokes in Photoshop with a tablet at 3000 euros, it hurts the CUL! Yes, because I forgot to precysier, I have the most perfomant model of Companion 2 ...

PS : mouse connected by UBS is working.. It's really just the pen that does not respond anymore.. (but it's still recognized by the driver, or it still seems connected..)

Thank you for reading me and have a great day


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Re: Crash / Freeze stylus Companion 2 and Photoshop !!

Postby wacom5 » Mon 29. Oct 2018, 11:05

Doesn't seem like a pen hardware issue but a software issue.

This could be a simple issue with the preferences file being corrupt. Have you tried removing backing up and removing your preferences? Try using the default preferences for a bit and see if the issue still occurs. If the workflow is stable with the default settings, it means that your preferences are unfortunately corrupt. Unfortunately, you will need to re-do them.

Next step: you mention that you re-installed the drivers but have you done a full clean install? If not, please follow the steps here: https://www.wacom.com/en-de/support?gui ... -(manually)-and-re-install-the-Wacom-driver-on-Windows-for-a-Pen-Tablet%2C-Pen-Display%2C-or-Pen-Computer%3F&guideId=ce67b2c8-4f6f-47c8-93cd-4c6581992d1c

If nothing else works, please try a clean install of Windows.

As for the fans becoming noisy, that is perfectly normal when running a relatively resource demeaning program. Bear in mind that the Companion 2 is mobile compact unit so the fans will need to work a bit harder to generate the desired airflow.

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