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Artec Studio

Posted: Mon 29. Oct 2018, 11:51
by Vengance
Artec says that they offer Artec Studio for Wacom Studio Pro, is this option still available for Studio Pro 16 and If I understand correctly it is 1-year licence. What will be the cost per year aftet this? Also, is it possible to see demo of the scanning process before purchase?

Re: Artec Studio

Posted: Wed 7. Nov 2018, 15:37
by tomatogoatee
I believe the offer is still good, as it's part of the bundled software on the tablet. After the year, you're shuffled off to Artec's website where you can purchase a brand new license for the low-low price of USD $1200/year.

HOWEVER (dot dot dot)

The Intel Realsense R200 camera in the MSP has been obsoleted by Intel and they do not offer any new drivers for it. As a result, with the Creator Update to Windows 10, you cannot run the calibration tool as it simply crashes.

I played with the scanner when I first got my MSP and the experience was... Interesting. First off, it will not work outdoors. Period. I tried to scan my car, but sunlight screws with the camera too much and it will not identify the object you're trying to scan. Second, the object can't be too small. Anything under a foot tall, unless it's a box, will just be a blob. Which brings us to third, the resolution isn't the best. Scanning something large with few details (chair, table, sofa) will give you a relatively workable model. Anything more detailed, like a human or statue, will be best suited as a starting point. The important thing to remember with the scanner is to be patient (which can be hard after about 10 minutes holding a 5-pound tablet at arms-length).

So, in a nutshell, don't buy the MSP for it's 3D scanning capability.