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MSP 16 256GB Crash issue

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MSP 16 256GB Crash issue

Postby ekkaart » Wed 21. Nov 2018, 03:43

Hi everyone,
I own a MSP 16 256Gb Model since last summer.
I mainly used it as a sketchbook for life figure with Autodesk Sketchbook in a classroom. Recently I notice something very weird, if I draw unplugged, the MSP will shutdown itself randomly, without any notice, no bluescreen or error message, it just shut down.
But if I plugged it, it never happens.
I set my MSP on High Performance, and use the Quadro as GPU for Autodesk Setchbook

Im quite disapointed about the performance of the MSP, Im a 3D artist too, and so far it cannot be compare to my laptop with a GTX1060 Mobile, I just compare with the Quadro Card, should make it before buying the MSP.

But, it is not normal that the MSP should be always plugged in order to avoid random crash, which make lost unsaved works, and I only use a 2D software.
Any idea where it comes from or should I make some configuratons ?

Thank you

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Re: MSP 16 256GB Crash issue

Postby wacom5 » Wed 21. Nov 2018, 08:56

Do you notice if the device is warmer then usual? You might have an issue with the battery. I don't know of any settings you can change to prevent this from happening. Please contact our support: https://support.wacom.com/

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