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Companion 2, no tablet Services

Cintiq Companion, Cintiq Companion Hybrid, Cintiq Companion 2 and MobileStudio Pro
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Companion 2, no tablet Services

Postby Justinland » Sat 28. Jan 2017, 04:35


I have A Compainon 2 with windows 10 on it. I have fully updated Drivers, when starting or restarting my tablet the wacom pen driver cannot be found.

Pressing the side buttons work as long as i don't log into windows.

I use to be able to do the TabletServicesWacom restart to get it working however that setting is no longer there.there does not seem any way to regain pressures sensitivity and ability to use side physical buttons once I log into windows.

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Re: Companion 2, no tablet Services

Postby TappamWah » Wed 1. Feb 2017, 16:42

Have the same issue. Did you hahabe opened the tablet before this problem?

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Re: Companion 2, no tablet Services

Postby wacom1 » Thu 2. Feb 2017, 12:52

I would attach a keyboard and check a) is there a Wacom Tablet entry in Start menu -> All apps ? There should be a tablet utility that allows to reset the settings (thus restarting the driver). If not sucessful, check in device manager, if some hardware component problem is marked.
b) Uninstall the driver, remove all Wacom entries in device manager and restart Windows. Turn off AntiVirus software temporarily and install the tablet driver again.

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Re: Companion 2, no tablet Services

Postby AshKerins » Fri 7. Apr 2017, 15:57

I have the same issue, only windows 8 and the first cintiq companion model. The tablet shows up in all apps, but once clicked on presents me with the same 'driver not found' message. I also just uninstalled wacom entries in the device manager and then reinstalled the drivers, but I still have the problem.

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