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Mobile Studio Pro Accesoires / equipment releases?

Posted: Thu 15. Dec 2016, 13:55
by IhaboAzzamo
Hi, i bought a mobile studio pro 16" and i didnt noticed any information about the realeases of the equipments like the:
"wacom link" "Mobile studio pro stand" "Wacom keyboard" a Bag that fits (will it be a bag at all?) and whats about a screen protecture foil?

I dont understand why we pay "2600€" without stand & keyboard, which are both necessary.
But i really dont understand, why the equipment isnt available at the same time as the "mobile studio pro"?



Re: Mobile Studio Pro Accesoires / equipment releases?

Posted: Fri 16. Dec 2016, 08:41
by wacom1
We are sorry, that some equipment is still in preparation and not yet available. - The Wacom Link adapter is for connecting to a desktop/monitor with displayport. If the desktop has USB-C, use a direct USB-C to USB-C cable. If it has HDMI, you can use the adapter from Apple. - There is no special keyboard for MobileStudio Pro. If the Windows Onscreen keyboard is not suffient, you can attach any USB keyboard with a USB-C adapter or use the Wacom Bluetooth keyboard. - We do not plan a screen protector for Cintiqs. They have a special anti-glare etched screen surface to provide optimal pen experience feeling on the surface. That would change with a screen protector.