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Problem with the Pro pen 2 (MobileStudio Pro)

Posted: Wed 15. Feb 2017, 02:04
by azrette
I've just purchased a Wacom MobileStudio Pro 13 2 days ago and I still have problems getting used to the new Pro pen 2.
I use some specific brushes in photoshop for my work and I can't get them right with the Pro pen 2. I tried to adjust the tip feel from soft to firm. It didn't work...
I have a cintiq at home so I tried to use my old Pro pen and guess what? It worked! My brushes were finally working.
As you can see in this picture, the Pro pen 2 just have the same opacity even if I tried different pressures. The old pro pen works perfectly!
Well the MobileStudio Pro is quite expensive so it would be a shame if I had to use my old Stylus...
So is it normal? Does anyone have the same problem? is it a problem with the drivers?

Thanks for your help

Re: Problem with the Pro pen 2 (MobileStudio Pro)

Posted: Wed 15. Feb 2017, 13:40
by wacom1
The Pro Pen 2 has improved technology in several aspects and should work better in most situations. I would first check in the driver diagnostics, that the pen is ok and you can use all 8192 pressure levels. If you find that too much pressure is needed for full opacity, open the tip feel -> details and move the upper pressure threshold from the left a bit to the right. Then test in Photoshop or other applications. If it is fine with most brushes, but not working right with some specific tools, that could be a software problem, f.e. if some plugin bypasses driver settings or is not adjusting for more pressure levels. - Some applications can have trouble with the handling of a second tablet or pen, in that case reset the driver and use only the ProPen2.

Re: Problem with the Pro pen 2 (MobileStudio Pro)

Posted: Sat 18. Feb 2017, 01:03
by azrette
Thanks for the reply.
I tried all the solutions but still not working... reseting the drivers and using only the ProPen 2, adjusting the tip feel...
The proPen 2 still seems to have less pressure levels than the old one. I tried so many brushes (photoshop basics or Kyle T Webster brushes) and it's always the same problem...

Re: Problem with the Pro pen 2 (MobileStudio Pro)

Posted: Mon 6. Nov 2017, 17:16
by ratapeter
I just purchased MSP and I am experience the same problem with going from pro pen to pro pen 2, an inreased transparacy in the lines. I tried with a pro pen and pro pen 2 on my new device and the pro pen (1) is behaving as I am used to while the pro pen 2 is much more transparent. Did you find a solution to this problem, azrette?