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PS elements 2 on Wacom MSP?

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PS elements 2 on Wacom MSP?

Postby Dunnroamin » Thu 16. Feb 2017, 00:48

Ploughing through numerous Google websites, I spotted some suggestion that PS elements 2 could be made compatible with Windows 10 by some sort of manipulation. Could this be possible.

On the subject of apps, I have been considering Corel's Paint Shop Pro instead of Photoshop elements, because the latter is said to be more difficult to master, and is intended mainly for editing photographs. My decision on which to buy would be based on the experiences of users of both programs. I read that some of the older PaintShop (8 and 9)were better than the more recent 13 and 14, unfortunately, the older versions may not be compatible with Win 10.

I would be using my eventual choice primarily for drawing and painting, with only an occasional excursion into photography.

Does anyone have any suggestions please. D.

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