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Is a 30 day Free Trial the full product.

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Is a 30 day Free Trial the full product.

Postby Dunnroamin » Fri 17. Feb 2017, 19:24

Some of the Photoshop and Paintshop apps are available as free,30 day trial offers. Can anyone who has downloaded a trial offer, and has then purchased the product, tell me if the trial version and the paid for version are one and the same, or is the trial offer a cut down version.

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Re: Is a 30 day Free Trial the full product.

Postby surfacefanboi » Fri 17. Feb 2017, 19:48

Photoshop is the full product and I think all Adobe trials are.
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Re: Is a 30 day Free Trial the full product.

Postby Dunnroamin » Sun 19. Feb 2017, 22:24

I've sent so many posts,I feel as though I have rather monopolised this forum lately, and now, I'm back again.

I decided to take a chance and download the Free 30 day trial of Paint Shop x9 Pro. There were a few hiccups (as usual), but finally I got it installed.

I had read how other users had found it even simpler to use than PhotoShop elements, but on my subsequent attempts to find my way around it and do a simple picture, I must admit, I found it totally daunting (I might even say, bewildering). Things weren't helped by the very small tool icons. With this unfortunate experience, I am tempted to write it off even at this early stage. Anyway, I decided to have another go at downloading Gimp, the free editing app.

I opened Google Chrome, typed Gimp into the search panel, and clicked on the download link. When the site opened, there were three download buttons. I pushed the Gimp green Start Download button. I expected to see something to indicate downloading was taking place, but I saw nothing. After several minutes, when I judged the download (if it had happened) must now be completed, I closed the window.

On what I assume must be the Wacom Home page or "desktop", I expected see an icon or s/c for Gimp, but there was no reference to the app anywhere.

In my search for the missing app, I clicked All Apps. I saw Paint shop, Ink Paint and Google Chrome etc, but still no mention of Gimp. I scrolled down to Compressed Folder - Tools. From a fairly long list of installations I saw the entry: GPS_1_5_0_beta (4). The number in brackets (4) indicates, I think, the number of times the app has been installed.

If this does show that Gimp has indeed been successfully installed - Where is it?? I am at a loss as to where else to look. I need to find it and put a s/c on the Wacom Home Page, so that I can easily open it.

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Re: Is a 30 day Free Trial the full product.

Postby joeparis » Sun 19. Feb 2017, 23:55

Downloading the file does not install it. Look for the file in Recent Downloads. See here for info:

http://www.windows10update.com/2015/07/ ... soft-edge/

Once found you can then install the program and will then see shortcuts etc. If you don't mind may saying, I think you need to do a little bit of basic research into how Windows 10 operates so that you can eventually start to enjoy the MSP itself.

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Re: Is a 30 day Free Trial the full product.

Postby Dunnroamin » Mon 20. Feb 2017, 20:35

I'm afraid it didn't work. Opening Edge on the Wacom MSP "desktop" simply showed loads of pictures for apps and news items. I saw no View Downloads mentioned. I next tried another suggestion: CTRL+j, I followed the guides until,finally I found the message: This XML file does not appear to have any style information associated with it. The document tree shows - Error>Code>Access Denied........

As far as learning more about Win 10. I'd probably manage OK if it resembled either XL which I had on an earlier pc, or Vista, the OS on my present laptop.

On the Wacom MSP tablet, there was nothing that looked anything like the desktops on my other computers.

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