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30 day free software trial download.

Posted: Wed 22. Feb 2017, 12:15
by Dunnroamin
Having recently downloaded the 30 day free trial of Paintshop, I have now decided it is not for me.
Having never done this before, I'm not sure what happens next. Do I have to notify the suppliers now, or at the expiry of the trial period, of my intention not to purchase the program. Alternatively, at the expiry date, does the installation automatically terminate or just stop working (thus requiring me to manually uninstall it).

I don't want to have to pay for something I don't want, so any advice would be welcome. D.

Re: 30 day free software trial download.

Posted: Thu 23. Feb 2017, 09:34
by joeparis
It will stop working after 30 days. You need to uninstall it yourself but there's no necessity to inform anyone of your decision not to purchase.