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MSP 16 battery swelling and followed issues

Cintiq Companion, Cintiq Companion Hybrid, Cintiq Companion 2 and MobileStudio Pro
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Re: MSP 16 battery swelling and followed issues

Postby ARCAOBOS » Fri 12. Jul 2019, 10:59

I am really happy about the last reply of wacom and also understand why it seemed not understandable for each other.

The date format in english is: mm/dd/jj. In opposition to that the german date format is dd/mm/jj.
Maybe that did cause a lot of misunderstandings or because of reference to a false invoice.

So my device have been within the warranty period and all mentioned claims referred to that point of view.

On the other hand wacom did their very best, even above and beyond the limitations to provide best support to a customer while his device was not within the warranty period any more.
This mentioned issue of swelling battery was not expected from wacom either at the moment these affected units left production.
Therefore they were offering practicable best solutions to support those customers too.

From this point of view the wacom support should be called amazing!

„Tabula rasa“ to this case. Although it took a little time, which is negative for both parties.

Thanks Wacom

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Re: MSP 16 battery swelling and followed issues

Postby accm74 » Thu 18. Jul 2019, 09:32

wacom5 wrote:Please contact support as soon as possible if you haven't already -

The swelling might start before the update and at one point it might be to late even with the Firmware patch.

When the device was developed we could not anticipate this would be an issue. This was not picked up during testing has the first sign only develop very late. We couldn't act on an issue we didn't know existed. This has been rectified and measures will be taken on any possible future iterations.

Thanks for the clarification, it is good knowing that future products will be safe for users, but for customers who have already bought this device at such a hefty price tag, shouldn’t there be a recall of sorts considering this is a safety issue? To be honest, issuing a firmware patch down the line is not good enough as the devices are ‘damaged’ from the get go.

I did contact support and the experience unfortunately is less than pleasant, non existent emails claimed to have been sent to me, blaming users for charging the device 24/7 resulting in the ending of the battery’s lifespan, and later telling me to buy a new tablet instead and of course now, no replies.

I bought this tablet 1½ years ago (unfortunately out of warranty) not even for professional use yet and there’s no way I’m charging it 24/7. And I am unhappy that I have to fork out more money to replace a product that has such a huge design fault that can potentially injure the user. And what guarantees will I have that it will not happen again in another 6 months, will I have to pay more money to replace it again?

For a product marketed as a professional device, even if the battery were to reach the end of its lifespan, it should be safe for users to run connected to a power source. Instead the device is now sitting there unused with a bloated battery and lifted screen, not knowing whether if it may catch fire or explode at any point. Should not Wacom take the responsibility of disposing these batteries safely since it is a design lapse?

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Re: MSP 16 battery swelling and followed issues

Postby dylanteague » Thu 8. Aug 2019, 23:04

They are more than useless, I have an msp with a faulty 3d graphics card plus pen flicker and backlight bleed. Have been told I can send it in for repair but they can't guarantee that I'll get my model back or I'll get a refurbished model, they also couldn't guarantee that there would be no damage done to the machine, even the screen! Not bad for 2800 pounds. I use it without the 3d card running it's ok but a bit slow and will crash every now and then. Someone really needs to bring a class lawsuit against them, the last machine I got was the cintiq companion 1 with its power I sort troubles, I've managed to keep it going for 6 years by never working with it plugged in but now the battery isn't lasting as long as it used to.

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