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MSP 16 battery swelling and followed issues

Posted: Thu 6. Jun 2019, 15:56
My MSP is still in warranty period. Battery swelling causes lifting of screen followed by various other issues. I did charge the device always as suggested for mobile devices. Kept the device in top condition, free of scratches, marks, dust etc. Called the support. I should sent it in for repair or replacement. Documented precisely what the issues are. After a few days got answer of the support, I should first contact microsoft to make sure I can keep my windows 10 license for the future (never heard of that before but I did, MS answer: no use of calling MS, it is always matter of OEM or customer to care about the own license). Second surprise: since my warranty period is exhausted wacom will repair it out of kindness. what was that? After clarifying that my warranty period is still running, the RMA came in and I sent it to wacom. A few days later, without announcing it, UPS delivers a package. Again surprised. Even more after opening the box. exchange unit is: ELECTRONIC SCRAP! scratches all over, even on the screen, the cameras, the body. Dust, hair (human?), exctreta in every litte seam, card slot full of it (not good, not hygienic). Screen also lifted, on another edge. Old accessories with kinky cables, unusable- product box ready for waste! etc. Naughty smell all over whole unit. I am not overdrawing! Complained about it! Next I was advised to document it, (again). I did, under time pressure. Not easy to document a exchange unit in that condition. During contorting to get proper photos of all relevant issues - parts of my own camera equipment slipped of my hands and broke. For caring about the exchange unit electronic trash they sent me, now my expensive equipment is smashed too. Why are they victimizing me? Now they say they will look at my case with priority. Of course this will never replace any damage of my other equipment, even if directly caused by their needless action sending me a unacceptable replacement unit. Maybe I should be thankful if they find a way to replace the initially rejected unit. Why didn’t they start a product recall of the affected charge? Available firmware updates I always installed prompt. So maybe it could be also a material defect of the battery instead? So what is this all about? Did I ever harm anyone of you? dear WACOM team? I am a trusty customer of wacom products for years and now that I need to send my device during warranty period for repair, everything seems to go wrong!

Re: MSP 16 battery swelling and followed issues

Posted: Fri 7. Jun 2019, 08:47
by wacom5

Very sorry to read about the less positive experience. I will forward your feedback to the team. I'm sure that they can assist you.

Re: MSP 16 battery swelling and followed issues

Posted: Fri 7. Jun 2019, 10:25
The conversation with the supportteam of the hotline were always kept in a friendly manner and they also seemed to capture up the subject matter. Although assuring to find a solution I cannot imagine a happy ending at this point. About the naughty smell (some kind of gun-oil or WD40) as mentioned before I have been assured that it is expectedly too, due the fact that the replacement was in the repair section before. Now facts start to fit together. Due to the greasy surface of the replacement unit after the attempt to bring the device in glance, either from wacom staff or the previous owner, the almost invisible oilfilm made it slippery. After owning a MSP I know very well how to hold it up in one hand. Not so when it’s slippery due to a previous treatment with substances divert from their intended use. Besides this smell got stuck in my airways for over a day now it did cause first of all the situation that while lifting the replacement unit up with one hand to make proper fotos as demanded with the other device held in the other hand the oiled replacement device sent from wacom started to slide slowly out of my hand. Instinctively I reacted with trying to catch it up with the other hand to prevent the device that wouldn’t be my own from falling down. Unfortunately therefore I released unlucky the photo-making device I held in that other hand, causing a hard landing to it. I expect wacom to show their reliability by solving the initial opened case proper and to vouch for that generated mischief by that ridiculous attempt to give glossy appearance to a piece of electronic scrap which ended up with a further desaster to me.

Re: MSP 16 battery swelling and followed issues

Posted: Fri 14. Jun 2019, 08:14
GOOD NEWS! Fortunately Wacom decided to revaluate the special case deploying a own mediator, and thus a clear, straight solution has been worked out.

Re: MSP 16 battery swelling and followed issues

Posted: Fri 14. Jun 2019, 12:23
by wacom5
We are very glad to read this. Happy to know that a solution was found.

Re: MSP 16 battery swelling and followed issues

Posted: Wed 26. Jun 2019, 20:40
Update: Got The replacement. Out of the box this time. Major issues with the display. Sidealong light bleeding and flickering area around the cursor as minor issues (lets call those minor issues). Right half of the display with darker areas towards the middle of the display is a major issue and is affecting work. Brightness variation causes "seasickness" while sitting in front of it. Sent photos to the support. Hopefully wacom doesn´t close this case to soon, but shows really interest to find out, why brand-new units unveal such bad characteristics. The machine seems to work proper though and the outer view is almost picture-perfect manufactured. Acurate seams, no gaps, no marks, perfect glass. But probably very bad display layers assembley causes a distincly and visibly irregularity of brightness and therefore not suitable for daily work.

Re: MSP 16 battery swelling and followed issues

Posted: Thu 27. Jun 2019, 08:19
by wacom5
Thank you for the feedback. The support team will need to check the pictures in that case. If you already contacted support then they should get back to you as soon as possible.

Re: MSP 16 battery swelling and followed issues

Posted: Tue 2. Jul 2019, 11:32
by accm74
My MSP16 battery started to swell a few weeks ago, and I update my device regularly, so why is the firmware patch not working? Why is it that these really expensive devices not in the first place shipped out of factory with safety overcharge protection circuits, and a firmware has to be released later?

Re: MSP 16 battery swelling and followed issues

Posted: Wed 3. Jul 2019, 08:27
by wacom5
Please contact support as soon as possible if you haven't already -

The swelling might start before the update and at one point it might be to late even with the Firmware patch.

When the device was developed we could not anticipate this would be an issue. This was not picked up during testing has the first sign only develop very late. We couldn't act on an issue we didn't know existed. This has been rectified and measures will be taken on any possible future iterations.

Re: MSP 16 battery swelling and followed issues

Posted: Mon 8. Jul 2019, 16:56
At this moment I really am high-grade disappointed.
The display issues of the display are affecting work and health seriously, by that mentioned peak to valley values of brightness of the display.
The repairs section reportedly did not see any issues beyond the tolerances shown in the photo-documentation I did provide, as demanded.

Furthermore there has been spelled out a prognosis to what will happen, if I send this (second) replacement in for repair:
I would probably get get back un-repaired, after no issues will have been detected.
Having the display in front of me I do not agree that it is within the specifications of the product.
So right now I am pushed and pulled in a corner by that announcement.

Almost two months passed since the first contact with the support.
So here is what I am thinking off.
The wacom team-member who didn’t see any issues on the photos and is willing to check the device for then sending it back „un-repaired“,
should sit down in front of that display for the next months/ years, whatever the duration or life-period of that device is expected to be.
After that he can check if it harmed his health or not.
I am not available for these kind of experiments.
I am from Germany myself and would like to talk to them at the repairs team, in exactly that language they understand best!
But I have to keep tight to the protocol and demand upper level support in englisch.
So the given option is to stay in this support loop for the next time,
without any progress towards being able to continue work with the tools I did pay for,
or to get/ keep a non adequate replacement device for the one that went down with the swelling battery and all caused by that issues.

What should I do in this case, since I have by now the impression that someone is treating me very unfair by consulting the person of the support who is responsible for my case?
Eat or die?
I thought the evaluation of given proofs would be neutral and objective, too.

Choosing a third way by getting a impartial consultation and activating therefore my insurance is not the style I would prefer.

On the other hand until this moment I was a big fan of wacoms products and did recommend it to every other artist I met.

Is this announcing a new era for professional creatives including the tools they will choose to work with?

Please find a way to de-escalate this whole case.

I cannot work with that device and neither I expect from anybody else to do so, that means I cannot sell it to get at least a part of the money I once spent. More and more I must assume a distrust towards us customers is the reason for all that. Was is coincidence that the shipped „brand-new replacement unit“ turned out to have serious issues?

„Issues? - what issues? - we do not see any issues - send it in for repair - you probably will get it back un-repaired - cause there are no issues - all within the tolerances - your office-room may not be illuminated correctly“

I am thinking of my future and how to protect myself from throwing away money for things which are not lasting through warranty period.