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Interface too small

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Joined: Sat 6. Jul 2019, 07:56

Interface too small

Postby dercartoontyp » Sat 6. Jul 2019, 08:20


I'm working with the mobile studio pro 16 on windows 10 and I have several problems. I'll post them seperately.
My first problem is the interface of some plugins inside After Effects (latest version). In Element 3D and magic bullet both
interfaces are way too small. I would post a pic but its not possible here. very helpful.

Red giant told me the following:
If that fails (he suggested a driver update) to help the interface render properly, this is unfortunately likely occurring account we don't technically support Wacom tablets with the MB Suite just yet. Wacom's resolutions are calibrated in a way that the suite hasn't yet adapted to, and involves a bit of an integration through drivers and frameworks that the MB Suite team is still working on.

Videocopilot gave me some links to change the automatic dpi scaling in windows.. but it doesn't work either.

Now what to do?

thank you,

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Re: Interface too small

Postby wacom5 » Mon 8. Jul 2019, 12:37

Hello and welcome,

This seems like an issue that the software developer needs to address. The resolution and scalling of the MobileStudio Pro has nothing out of the ordinary. It's simply 4k with a 16:9 aspect ratio. There is nothing unique to Wacom that needs to be supported in this regard. Most of the other applications I know support this.

With that said, I do recommend that you update the graphics card drivers manually. Windows will not detect any updates available for the Intel and Nvidia drivers.
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Posts: 6
Joined: Sat 6. Jul 2019, 07:56

Re: Interface too small

Postby dercartoontyp » Mon 8. Jul 2019, 17:52

Thank you!

videocopilot told me this:

It does also have an Nvidia card as well. The Nvidia card would need to be set as the primary card. Here are a few known options to make the Nvidia card the primary one on your machine:
- Using the Nvidia Control Panel – perhaps something like this: ... d-3612668/
- Some laptops allow you to choose which programs use which graphics card. In this case AE should be set to use the Nvidia card. Similar to this: ... screte-gpu (Also, there is a potential bug when telling Nvidia Control Panel to use the more powerful card for After Effects. For some reason it will use the onboard one even if you select the more powerful one. However, if you set it to use the Integrated card for Adobe After Effects, it will do the opposite. Try it both ways).
- Battery power settings. Sometimes turning this to Max Power on your laptop can force all programs to use the more powerful card
- If you have it plugged into a monitor, make sure the monitor is not plugged into the onboard VGA slot.
- Disable the Intel card in Windows’ Device Manager

and also this:

Our devs are working on this for an updated build but here is a workaround that should work: ... 2&start=25

I've updated manually and did the rest but nothing helped.

Both companies are working on it and in the meantime I can't..

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