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Screencapture MobileStudioPro Through PC?

Posted: Sat 17. Aug 2019, 10:44
by Kattling
Hiya! I do lots of artwork and would like to livestream my processes from my MobileStudioPro. Everything I require to stream is on my desktop PC, whereas all my drawing software is on my MobileStudioPro - so essentially I want some way to capture the screen of my MobileStudioPro and have a live feed on my desktop PC.
Would a USB C to HDMI do the trick? Or would I need the Wacom Link? I know you can turn it into a Cintiq that way, but not where the tablet is functioning as an independent computer.
Thank you!

Re: Screencapture MobileStudioPro Through PC?

Posted: Sun 3. Nov 2019, 13:05
by PrielHackim
you can connect the msp to capture device that connect to your pc - use OBS to streem