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MSP 13 stopped connecting to my PC with Wacom Link

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Joined: Tue 17. Mar 2020, 18:12

MSP 13 stopped connecting to my PC with Wacom Link

Postby andayaykut » Tue 17. Mar 2020, 18:32

I tried to reset my msp 13 after 4 years to have a fresh start. I tried it with going to windows settings>recovery settings>reset this pc. However, this process failed many times with different errors. It said: Resetting failed or without saying nothing it has undone the changes and turned back to my normal pc. I was like ok then I will keep using my msp as I used to since it had no major problems. But after that resetting tries, it stopped working with Wacom link. I tried connecting it to my MacBook and it stopped working too. Instead of turning into a Cintiq it charges the mac ( By the way my msp was not working properly with my macbook, Touch settings and photoshop was not working as smooth as with my pc. That's another reason I wanted to reset my msp.) After that, I thought reformatting will recover any corrupted windows settings and bring a fresh msp. But it turned out wacom link is still not working with any dongle. It used to work with middle dongle as you know.

I installed latest wacom driver to my msp. (wacom desktop center)

Maybe I am missing a really simple thing to install and you guys can guide me through it.

Thanks a lot


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Re: MSP 13 stopped connecting to my PC with Wacom Link

Postby wacom5 » Thu 19. Mar 2020, 09:26

Could the Wacom Link be defective? do you have the chance to try with a different adapter?

The issues you described having with your Mac is most likely related to a driver setting so please make sure you update to the latest driver.
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Re: MSP 13 stopped connecting to my PC with Wacom Link

Postby curtnorval » Fri 17. Jul 2020, 02:16

You should change a new Wacom

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