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Msp16 i7 run slow bancemark

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Msp16 i7 run slow bancemark

Postby PrielHackim » Tue 14. Mar 2017, 13:06

its seems that maybe the bios or the intel chipset is not set up correctly.

windows is running smooth but not Adobe programs.

last night i have compered the Lightroom workflow with my Laptop (Asus i7-g3 -2.3gh-ddr3- Nvidia gtx630 2g- sata hard drive) - and every thing run happily smooth. (and i have worked on that computer to edit the photos to the client)

on the MSP16
the drivers i have now:

intel graphics driver v: 21.2016.4534
nvidia: 369.15
windows is updated

things im looking up now to try to fix :

+wacom bios: checking on line if there are any updates by Wacom
+intel chipset- from intel website
+nvidia driver+ trying if Nvidia experience software can help
+ hard drive utility

Benchmark point by cinebench r15 (by maxon cinema 4d) :

Gpu(open gl)- 32.26fps
Cpu- 550cb
cpu single- 116cb / mp ratio 4.27x

Gpu(open gl)- 78.18fps
Cpu- 268cb
cpu single- 137cb / mp ratio 1.96x

both on high performance Power set up.

Aditional bugs and issue

in Nvidia control panel >> Mange 3d settings>> Program Setting- High-performance NVIDIA processor (by program like Lightroom) >> Apply
close and open again - its dosent apply the changes.

right click on the pen dosent work- not even on the eraser.
windows reset my flicks set up
screen drop the brightness for to darker when i touch the display

and many other annoying stuff.

need help pls :(((((

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