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General MSP setup questions

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General MSP setup questions

Postby spacemanjupiter » Tue 28. Apr 2020, 19:13

I've had a MSP 16 for a while now. I initially have experienced performance issues, heat issues that seem a bit excessive and general quirks and bugs. It was a bit disheartening so I stopped using it. Now I've decided to use it as a screen only with the wacom link so I don't have to use the internal hardware to push everything I'm doing.

However, I'd like to reinstall windows fresh and get it set up again from the beginning to see if it resolves some issues.

1. What is the best way to format this device and reinstall windows completely fresh? Flash drive and iso/rufus? Will it activate automatically or will it ask for a key?
2. What is the best way to mitigate heat issues? I had gone through advanced power settings to try and set that up, or should I just choose balanced in windows settings?
3. Any particular repository for specific drivers and software besides the wacom tablet driver? Or should I just let the intel app and windows update install everything, and grab nvidia from their site?
4. Why can't the integrated graphics be disabled and just use Nvidia? Every time I try to disable the IG, it also disables the Quadro.

Feel free to offer any other advice as well.

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Re: General MSP setup questions

Postby wacom5 » Mon 4. May 2020, 15:19

Hi, you can re-install Windows directly from the OS: Please check the Reset Your PC section.
If you still need the factory drivers, please contact our technical support.

Regarding temperature and performance, keep in mind this is still a Mobile device and there is only such much heat that can be dissipated. Getting warm is totally normal when using a lot of resources. If you want to keep the temperature low, only connect the device to the power supply when absolutely needed and set the performance to a lower setting to throttle the hardware and to conserve power.
This will of course affect performance with certain software.

As for disabling the integrated graphics card you can set it up to be used for specific applications but you cannot fully disable it. It is not recommended either. The Quadro will consume a lot more power and even to perform basic functions so sing the Intel integrated will help with battery performance.
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