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Trouble Connecting MBS to MacBook Pro

Posted: Fri 22. May 2020, 16:05
by F2odesigns

I’ve been connecting my MBS-13 to my MacBook Pro, and it has been working perfectly fine for a while. Suddenly, it just wouldn’t connect anymore.
I’m using a USB-C connection (using the middle port on the MBS). I also updated the driver. Tried it a couple of times and it still wouldn’t connect.
Any thoughts?


Re: Trouble Connecting MBS to MacBook Pro

Posted: Mon 25. May 2020, 07:21
by wacom5
I assume you mean a MobileStudio Pro 13. Can you clarify which version?
Are you connecting directly USB-C from the MSP to a USB-C port in your Mac or are you using any adapters to connect to the Mac? Have you tried a different USB-C cable?