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Mandala / IMAC and Wacom Intuos Pro

Posted: Tue 2. Jun 2020, 19:11
by dgi2099
I would like to buy a Wacom Intuos Pro computer but I don't arrive to find which softwares have been installed by default on this pen computer.
In particular, I am wondering if it's possible to colore mandala on this one. Is there any software that I can buy / install on this pen computer to color mandala ? where to find them ?
how does it work ?
Thanks & regards

Re: Mandala / IMAC and Wacom Intuos Pro

Posted: Wed 3. Jun 2020, 07:19
by wacom5
Just to clarify, the Wacom Intuos Pro is not a computer. It's an opaque graphics tablet. It may include some extra software depending on your region. Check our eStore to get a better idea.

Our computer like device is the MobileSudio Pro which aside from Wacom Bamboo Paper, there's no additional software.

For Mandala coloring, I have no idea which software is best.