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Studio Pro 13 battery manager

Posted: Fri 19. Jun 2020, 16:29
by SamxFisher
Hi, I have the Wacom Mobile Studio Pro 13, 64gb ssd, 4gb ram and intel i5-6267U.

some weeks ago I received an email from wacom with instructions to install the Battery Manager app.

When I see my MSP13 model in diagnostics from the Wacom Desktop center, it says model is DTH-W1320, but it does not appear any letter after that.

When i go to the wacom website, on the MS112 bios update section, it says this:

This updated is available for the following models: DTHW1620H, DTHW1620M, DTHW1320H, DTHW1320M, DTHW1320L, DTHW1320T

But mine does not have any H, M, L or T.

now I have MS111 version installed, but I don't know why my Mobile Studio Pro doesn't have any letter after the model number.

Can I update the bios to MS112 or it will break it because my version is not listed?

Re: Studio Pro 13 battery manager

Posted: Mon 22. Jun 2020, 07:15
by wacom5
The suffix serves only to distinguish between the different model specifications.
Your model with the 64GB is the DTH-1320T and the update is viable for your device.
Just make sure you follow the instructions carefully.

Re: Studio Pro 13 battery manager

Posted: Mon 22. Jun 2020, 09:41
by SamxFisher
Oh nice, ok thank you a lot.

Re: Studio Pro 13 battery manager

Posted: Sun 12. Jul 2020, 10:29
by SamxFisher
By the way, I'm not sure what Battery manager really does. As I understand, If you configure it on Desktop mode, what really does is prevent the battery to be charged more than 80% to avoid overcharging.

So, when the battery reach the 80%, it stops charging and the MSP just works with the external power and doesn't use the battery anymore?

Am I right?