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HELP APPRECIATED, Wacom Mobilestudio Pro 13 randomly crashing with no warning

Posted: Tue 23. Jun 2020, 03:10
by kamshi
Just like the title says, it's a Mobilestudio pro 13 (DTH-W1320) purchased in September of 2018, latest driver version, using the USB-C 100W charger by Wacom. It's been working pretty well for the past year and a half, just weird shortcut glitches would happen every now and then, but those are no biggie for me. In the past couple weeks however the tablet has just been crashing with absolutely no warning. Everything is 100% updated, the driver, Windows 10 updates and Intel updates.

I began timing the time between crashes but it's not consistent. It's not always overheating when it crashes (from what I can feel), and there is no crash report or popup after restarting. When it crashes and I push the power button, it just goes to the powering-on screen. There seems to be no real difference when I change charging ports as some other people have suggested doing so, and it still crashes whether it's on battery or not.

I have no idea what to do. I'm kind of upset by this because I wanted to start recording speedpaints, but when it crashes in the middle of a recording, the recording isn't saved and the file becomes corrupted, so that's completely out the window. Files (art files, I use Clip Studio so .csp files) have sometimes become corrupted when it crashes which has also been a major problem for me. I turned on auto save for every 5 minutes and I save as often as I can and even keybound it to one of the shortcut buttons, but it's still extremely bothersome. I've tried researching this but there seems to be no one with any fixes. Do I contact Wacom? I cannot afford to buy a new tablet and I believe my warranty has expired. Any idea on what I could do?

This happens every hour or so, though it really varies. Sometimes it happens 10 minutes after powering on, sometimes after 2 hours. Is this a software issue? I use Clip Studio Paint for art, but I haven't heard of this happening for anyone else using CSP on a Mobilestudio Pro. Any help would be very appreciated! Thanks in advance.

Re: HELP APPRECIATED, Wacom Mobilestudio Pro 13 randomly crashing with no warning

Posted: Tue 23. Jun 2020, 07:24
by wacom5
Have you tried resetting Windows? See the steps here:
If the issue persists after this, please contact our support: