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PEASE HELP - Can't restore system image to replacement WSP 16

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PEASE HELP - Can't restore system image to replacement WSP 16

Postby BOnline » Thu 9. Jul 2020, 08:42

Hi everyone.

I'm hoping someone can help me. Wacom replaced my MSP 16 due to a defect. Before returning the original device I made a backup image of the entire machine. The problem is I can't restore this image to the replacement device.

I've tried going through the Win10 control panel to restore the image with a USB connected hdd where the image is located (Settings>Update & Security>Recovery>Advanced Startup/Restart Now>Troubleshoot>Advanced Options>See more recovery options>System Image Recovery>choose account/enter password).

The Re-image your computer screen shows it has located the image I want to use, but when I select it, I get a panel titled Choose additional restore options and reads, "To restore this computer, Windows needs to format the drive that the Windows Recovery Environment is currently running on. To Continue with the restore, shut down this computer and boot it from a Windows installation disc or a system repair disc and then try the restore again. If you dont have a system repair disc, you can create one now. "

When I choose Create Disc, I get an error that Windows did not find a CD/DVD burner. Do I need to purchase one? So far I've purchased an external drive and thumb drive to get this to work, to no avail. I would purchase a CD/DVD burner, if it would actually work.

I need my illustration programs, custom brushes, plug-ins, etc. I need to restore the original image. Does anyone have a step-by-step process to make this work? Can anyone help, please?

Thanks in advance,

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