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Color calibration

Posted: Fri 21. Apr 2017, 06:17
by annie00
I was just setting up Windows 10 and it just went from blue set up screen to plain black. I can see the back lights are on but the whole thing has gone blank. Restarting it has not worked. I know the surface pro did that sometimes but they had force start up button, what do I do for the MSP13 :s FIXED

Also is there a way to calibrate the screens color display settings for the MSP while it is attached to a mac? The MSP screen looks very bright with a reddish purple tinge to it. I'd like it to resemble the mac screen somewhat at least.

color calibration?

Posted: Fri 21. Apr 2017, 08:35
by annie00
Ok so I managed to use the hold power button and lower volume button down for 15 seconds command to force start windows, which is what is used on the surface pro. Have got it up and running.

I'd still like to know if there was a way to calibrate the colours so they're not so oversaturated and pinkish red when connected to the mac. Also if there is a way to tone down the brightness. Very bright and saturated colours are really painful to look at x.x