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Very short wifi range on MSP 13

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Very short wifi range on MSP 13

Postby amandak » Wed 26. Apr 2017, 08:55

I had a chance to travel with the MSP 13 recently and noticed the wifi signal strength seemed incredibly weak. Of the three venues we stayed at, the MSP was only able to connect to the wifi network at one venue, and then only at low speeds and often disconnecting. Our iPhones and a MacBook had no trouble.

At two airports, our phones could see half a dozen wifi networks while the MSP only usually saw one or two.

Back home, I was able to test the wifi signal from my study and sure enough, whether on 5GHz or 2.4GHz, the MSP’s was much weaker than other devices in the same location, including a desktop PC and a Surface Pro 4. Again, it only saw one or two networks where the other devices confidently saw half a dozen to a dozen. The speed of the wifi connection on the MSP fluctuated considerably and reliability was poor, with connections often timing out due to packet loss.

When placed much closer to the wifi access point (<6m or so), the signal is sufficiently stable that it’s not a problem. (It’s just that it’s a much shorter range than any other device I’ve tried.) When an external USB wifi adapter is used with the MSP, wifi signal strength and stability is absolutely fine. It’s almost as though the internal wifi antenna isn’t performing well on the MSP.

Have other people had similar experiences, or is it just my MSP?

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