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Mobile Studio Pro Cant configure Express Keys

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Mobile Studio Pro Cant configure Express Keys

Postby dan3dwards » Tue 16. May 2017, 13:56


I just picked up my Mobile Studio Pro 16 over the weekend. However I am having issues with setting up the express keys and pen buttons for individual applications like Photoshop, zbrush and modo. I have updated the wacom driver to the latest one, But It just does not seem to allow me to adjust the express keys etc for individual applications. I have an older Cintiq 22hd and a wacom tablet that I use on my day job and these have no issue at all. I am hoping someone can shed a light on this problem as It renders the tablet quite useless without an external keyboard.



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Re: Mobile Studio Pro Cant configure Express Keys

Postby wacom1 » Wed 17. May 2017, 07:49

You can add the applications in the tablet drivers app list and modify the settings, but they have no effect ? The driver comes with presets for a number of programs (kept in C:\Program Files\Tablet\Wacom\App Specific Settings). In case of problems I would try to rename this folder and restart Windows, so the presets are not used, and you can then add and configure the settings manually.

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