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100% full?

Posted: Thu 18. May 2017, 12:27
by tomatogoatee
There's an icon in the tray for the Wacom properties that, when you mouse over it, says the tablet is 100% full.
This isn't referring to the battery, that's a different icon. (Which, at the time of this screen shot, was actually at 85%.) Can anyone tell me what it means?

Re: 100% full?

Posted: Fri 19. May 2017, 07:58
by wacom1
I think that is a smaller bug in the driver. You shouldn't see this on MobileStudio Pro. The icon is meant to show the battery for the Intuos Pro Paper tablets. (You can rightclick on the icon and turn it off.)

Re: 100% full?

Posted: Mon 18. Sep 2017, 14:37
by wacom1
The problem should be resolved now with the 6.3.24-2 driver release.