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Mobile Studio Pro 13": issue with network card

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Mobile Studio Pro 13": issue with network card

Postby Bilboudo » Thu 15. Jun 2017, 17:23

Hi to all.
I'm having issues with the network card (I suppose) in my MSP 13":
I connec4 to internet using a Ethernet cable with an adapter to USB-C. It works wonderfully and I can use internet without any problem, and I can see the Ethernet card in the devices list in Windows 10; but after a while of use (some hours) the connection stops and the Ethernet card "disappear" from Windows, that recognise only the wi-fi card.
the only way to fix this problem is to restart windows: the Ethernet card backs visible and usable, until the next time the problem pop out again.

any idea on how can I fix this annoying problem?

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Re: Mobile Studio Pro 13": issue with network card

Postby toxicguest » Wed 31. Oct 2018, 09:31

Have you solved the issue yet?

I have just purchased an ethernet adapter as well, as the wifi connection to my room is very weak. I intended to connect my MSP directly to the ethernet socket in my room. Unfortunately it does not seems to work at all. It stated the the

I would like to know if you have installed anything related to ethernet or network driver before establishing a successful connection.
Window 10 in the MSP have given me the message' "Ethernet" does not have a valid IP configuration.' after diagnosis from which I wonder if MSP ever installed with a network drive hardware at all.

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