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Radial Menu suggestion

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Joined: Tue 27. Jun 2017, 09:51

Radial Menu suggestion

Postby loumizhu » Tue 27. Jun 2017, 10:21


I've been using the radial menu since years, but the recent updates made it very laggy and unusable

The new way to configure is simply ridiculous (it's 100 times worse and unintuitive especially for an artist and its purpose: make menu more visual)

I m forced to update my driver due to hardware changes and now i'm no longer using wacom radial menu

If the developers could read this, please revert back to old fast radial menu , and get back the old configuration interface (showing the actual radial menu instead of dropdown menus)


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Joined: Sat 15. Jul 2017, 03:01

Re: Radial Menu suggestion

Postby coreyarte » Sat 15. Jul 2017, 03:10

I actually agree. The old radial menu configuration was "nicer" visually and alittle easier. I suppose they did so you could configure all the different types of menus in one place but again I agree that it didnt improve the radial menu ease of access, perhaps made it harder.

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Joined: Tue 29. Nov 2016, 09:49

Re: Radial Menu suggestion

Postby wacom4 » Mon 31. Jul 2017, 07:26

Thanks for the feedback!
I forwarded it to the driver development team.
As usual - I cannot tell if and when such a change might be implemented.

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