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Black Screen when boot up from Sleep Mode - Cintiq Companion 2

Cintiq Companion, Cintiq Companion Hybrid, Cintiq Companion 2 and MobileStudio Pro
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Black Screen when boot up from Sleep Mode - Cintiq Companion 2

Postby tobase1 » Tue 27. Dec 2016, 14:02

I have an i5 CC2, Win10, and I have a dual monitor-set up using the display adapter.

Whenever I wake the Cintiq from a long sleep, particularly from an automatic sleep and the hybrid mode, the Cintiq itself has a black screen, but my second monitor works just fine.

Sometimes I have to unplug the second monitor for the Cintiq's screen to wake up, and sometimes it won't work, which means I need to reset the Cintiq.

I've tried rolling back the graphics driver, it did work for the short term sleep, but it still doesn't work when the Cintiq sleeps for long hours.

Need help.

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Re: Black Screen when boot up from Sleep Mode - Cintiq Companion 2

Postby tobase1 » Mon 2. Jan 2017, 00:01

Okay, no one's replying. So I'm gonna do some additional post.

There's also the problem where the Cintiq doesn't sleep automatically at all even though I've turned it on and the timer is already set. It turns off the display but never goes to sleep. The only time the automatic sleep would work is when I remove all USB attachments to the Cintiq. Anyway, the issue is already fixed once I reformatted it. So it has something to do with the drivers for this one, since I also turned off anything Windows update-related to see if I can isolate the issue. And yes, it doesn't happen anymore.

Also the Black Screen to the Cintiq but not to the second monitor after waking up from Sleep Mode still happens, but not as bad as the last time. It doesn't happen anymore when waking up from automatic sleep mode when pressing my keyboard.

Previously though, using the power switch to wake from sleep mode does cause it, but after reformat, stopping Windows update and installing the oldest graphic drivers for Windows 10, and preventing hibernation, it only happens when I unplug and replug my power extension during sleep mode.

It's like it detects the second monitor as the primary one instead.

When I installed the previous versions of the graphics drivers, I didn't clean install it, so I might need to try that one.

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Re: Black Screen when boot up from Sleep Mode - Cintiq Companion 2

Postby tobase1 » Mon 2. Jan 2017, 00:23

Okay, I tried switching profiles from Balanced mode to maximum battery life. The black screen thing doesn't happen at all. Now I'm not sure whether this is a hardware problem or a graphics driver problem.

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Re: Black Screen when boot up from Sleep Mode - Cintiq Companion 2

Postby Stevostin » Thu 15. Jun 2017, 01:47

Same issue here with a Cintiq 27 touch. Since I've added a second HDMI display to my nVidia 1070,and although it's typically shut down, exiting sleep mode result in Cintiq status going from orange (sleep) to blue (wake up), then "no signal", then orange again. If I turn on the other screen, it works and I can see the Cintiq isn't even detected as a screen anymore. I have to unplug / replug the Cintiq quite a few time until it finally display windows, although at silly low resolution. One more off/on and it's resumed to normal state.

Somehow the Cintiq sleep mode is half broken, like most thing on that pricy item (eg touch mode or the color profile thing only starting if you change the luminosity in the setup - what a joke)

Anyway if someone knows what to do, that would help a lot.

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Re: Black Screen when boot up from Sleep Mode - Cintiq Companion 2

Postby aasterisk17 » Thu 16. Nov 2017, 17:46


I was wondering if anyone has figured this out? I have noticed that it seems to happen (at least to my Cintiq 2) upon waking when I have let it go into sleep mode with Chrome still running...possibly too many windows? Some type of memory leak?? It doesn't seem to happen unless I leave Chrome running, and I have to unplug the tablet, let the battery discharge, and then reboot it...usually the next day.


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Re: Black Screen when boot up from Sleep Mode - Cintiq Companion 2

Postby wacom1 » Fri 17. Nov 2017, 09:53

I have no clear idea what is causing this. But if you need to wait for the battery to discharge, it probably means that you need to 'cold boot' the unit. I would try to go to Windows power management settings, configure 'what happens when you press the power button' so that it powers down the machine (and not only sleep or hibernate). When the problem happens press the button to fully power down, wait a moment and restart. If that works you can at least avoid to wait for battery discharge.

If you have the option to attach a second screen, perhaps the external screen wakes up fine and you have control immediately.

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