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Hole in the Pro Pen 2 case cap?

Posted: Thu 27. Jul 2017, 18:30
by tomatogoatee
I was wondering if anyone knew what the hole in the cap of the Pro Pen 2 'cigar tube' is for. (The part that unscrews to reveal the replacement nibs.) It's shaped like the Kensington lock/pen holder hole on the MSP. I tried putting the pen holder in it and, while it fits, the tube doesn't weigh enough to keep the pen upright.

Is it merely there to keep stupid people from choking to death when they swallow it (similar to a pen cap)?

Re: Hole in the Pro Pen 2 case cap?

Posted: Mon 31. Jul 2017, 07:00
by wacom4
The hole was designed to keep the pen holder while travelling with the Mobile Studio Pro - in other words: Whenever the pen holder is not on the MobileStudio Pro, it can rest on the pen holder.