New drivers posted for Mac and Win, version 6.3.25. Now supporting OSX High Sierra. Windows driver 6.3.25-3 is updated to versiob 6.3.25-5 now to fix an issue with the WL Kit. Download drivers and release notes here:

Note: All users seeing wavy lines using a Wacom Pro Pen 2 with Wacom MSP, Cintiq/Intuos Pro 13” or 16”, please update the tablet pen firmware to address this issue. The update is now available via the Wacom Desktop Center application on your computer.

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Wacom when will you get it right? --NEVER!

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Wacom when will you get it right? --NEVER!

Postby glikar100 » Sat 29. Jul 2017, 02:10

Nothing but stylus pointers flying all over the screen, actually had to disable the mouse to get it even close to controllable. Guess you can be proud of one thing your drivers even managed to crash virtual box which somehow seeped through to the host! I remember from years ago trying a wacom product and having similar troubles! My only question is why did I buy another? How wacom has survived all these years is a complete mystery. I know one thing for sure wacom does not keep drivers up to date, for any system. The intuos pen and touch (you couldn't even come up with a decent product name) is going straight into the garbage bin. Yes, I will buy another, but not from wacom!

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Re: Wacom when will you get it right? --NEVER!

Postby wacom4 » Mon 31. Jul 2017, 08:23

If you could tell us, what your product is and what the real issue is, we could help to get this resolved.
Or you contact for help.

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