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Tips for better MSP PS performance vs. MBP?

Posted: Tue 8. Aug 2017, 20:08
by EricDoggett
Hey everyone -

I was curious if anyone had any tips to get better Photoshop CC 2017 performance out of the MSP 16/i7 tablet? I tested it against my 2014 MacBook Pro, and the laptop easily trounces the MSP in a blur action benchmark test (about 20 seconds for the Macbook Pro vs 50 seconds on average for the MSP). I was surprised my 3 year old laptop easily out-performed this thing (although I've always felt Photoshop lagged on the MSP when launching/etc).

Any tips to get this tablet working faster? I've tried:

- updating Wacom's drivers
- updating the nvidia and intel video drivers
- updating any public Windows 10 updates
- making sure both had the same PS performance settings and as close to the same resolution as possible
- setting the MSP to "high performance mode"

Thank you!

Re: Tips for better MSP PS performance vs. MBP?

Posted: Mon 14. Aug 2017, 09:24
by wacom1
It seems that Photoshop blur operations depend mainly on the CPU (and not on the graphics card), some blur operations can use several CPU cores, some only a single core and in that case single core speed is the limiting factor (for some details see ... mance-625/). If the CPU is not busy with other background tasks, you should see best results on the machine with the faster CPU.

Other operations in Photoshop use the graphics processor (if configured in Photoshop preferences) and the NVidia card is probably better than the Macbook performance.