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Upgrade SSD of MSP 16”

Posted: Thu 17. Aug 2017, 09:10
by WMSPman
I love my MSP 16” but he 512GB SSD is a bit limiting.

Has anyone attempted to upgrade it to larger capacity? I can’t find any tear down videos :(

Re: Upgrade SSD of MSP 16”

Posted: Mon 21. Aug 2017, 08:00
by wacom4
The MSPs are not designed to be disassembled from not trained personell.
In addition you would at jeopardize your warranty when opening it.

I have taken your feedback to the product team for future products/versions.
Thanks a lot!

Re: Upgrade SSD of MSP 16”

Posted: Fri 1. Sep 2017, 07:04
by WMSPman
Very sad that a larger capacity is not available. I would gladly upgrade to bigger SSD if Wacom offered the option.

Rest assured that as soon as warranty is over I’m opening this sucker up. As a System integrator for 15+ years I am pretty sure I will be able dig the stock SSD out unless it’s soldered on?

Hey Wacom, the SSD is not soldered on, is it??!

Re: Upgrade SSD of MSP 16”

Posted: Mon 4. Sep 2017, 13:49
by wacom4
No, the SSD is plugged.
As per my knowledge it is a M.2 SATA SSD.