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How to colour calibrate Wacom Studio Pro 16

Posted: Sun 3. Sep 2017, 09:25
by dan3dwards

I have been using Data color Spyders for quite a few years to calibrate my desktop monitors and it all works rather well. However after recently
purchasing a Wacom Studio Pro 16, I can't quite work out how to calibrate the screen with the Spyder 5 Elite . The main issues are when I go to the display settings in the Wacom Desktop Centre. The options on display differ from the ones described in the manual. There is no brightness or colour temperature controls. All I have is Contrast, Color Space and Gamma. I wonder if anybody has had any luck calibrating the Wacom Studio pro with a Spyder?



Re: How to colour calibrate Wacom Studio Pro 16

Posted: Sun 22. Oct 2017, 17:16
by dmeerpa
I do not have a Data Color Spyder, but I do have the X-rite Colormunki Photo.
I adjust the brightness via the Power options (Change plan - Change advanced power settings - Display - Display brightness)
20% = 120 cd/m² and 10%=100 cd/m²

Then go to the Wacom Desktop Center, there is an setting that calls 'Display Setting'.
You can change the Color setting via the pull down menu (Color Space - Color Temperature - custom color)
When picking Color temperature you can choose : 5000 - 6500 - 9000). Before saving recheck the Color space (Sometimes it changes by itself to native)

Now you are ready to calibrate. Personally I am not happy with the results. My neutral dark grays are black when using the x-rite software and the other neutral gray tints have a very light magenta tint. When using DisplayCAL 3 dark grays have a correct brightness, but has a significant magenta tint. DisplayCAL also soays with the Wacom sRGB Color space, that it only covers 88% instead of the 100% Wacom is claiming. Blue and pink are not able to cover the sRGB array. Same when using AdobeRGB color space. Blue and pink can't keep up, resulting in 88% coverage of the AdobeRGB color space, and 124% sRGB.

Looking forward fo your results after calibrating.